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How Do I Acclimatize my Bamboo Floor?

One of the most famous floorings nowadays, for both commercial and residential establishments, is the bamboo flooring. Besides aesthetics, there are a lot of factors that get affected by choice of flooring. The bamboo flooring that we offer is not only 100% eco-friendly, but it is 2X harder than other bamboo floorings and 4X harder than the oak flooring. There are numerous benefits of this flooring type, but there’s this one flaw of bamboo flooring, overlooking it is not the right approach. Bamboo Flooring is impervious to moisture!

Thinking about how to address this problem? Well, there is only one solution to this – acclimatization!

Acclimatization of Bamboo Flooring

Don’t know what of bamboo flooring is?

It is a process in which the bamboo flooring is conditioned and adjusted to the environment in which you want to install! We have prepared a complete guide for you so that you can easily acclimatize your bamboo flooring before installing it!

Step 1 – Being Prepared

Preparation is the first step of the procedure. Before you begin, you must make sure you have a moisture testing kit, box cutter, eye goggles, and rubber gloves. Everything mentioned is required to acclimatize your bamboo flooring for a long-life flooring safely.

Step 2 – Measuring the Moisture Content

After you have prepared yourself for the procedure, you need to begin with the measurement of the moisture content. Place a slab of plywood over the floor before you install the flooring. Using the moisture test kit determine the moisture content in the placed plywood. It is to be done regularly for at least one week.

Step 3 – Ordering the Right Bamboo Flooring

Exactly when the moisture content drops by 12% of the first recorded value, you can order the right bamboo flooring. You can order from us, as we provide exceptional quality bamboo flooring.

Step 4 – Installing the Bamboo Flooring

Make full use of the goggles, and the gloves that you have as the chances of mess are high. Carefully cut out the box, using a box cutter. Keeping a gap of at least 6 inches between lay down the bamboo floor planks on the plywood. The purpose of this gap is to allow the planks to expand when they are undergoing acclimatization.

Step 5 – Leave the Bamboo Flooring to Adjust

Unlike other floorings, it is recommended not to use the floor for a specified period. After you have installed the bamboo flooring leave it to settle for up to a period of two to three weeks. Majorly, this period depends upon the moisture content of the room itself.

Step 6 – Checking the Moisture Content

The final step the rechecking of the moisture content. In two to three weeks, the flooring gets a considerable amount of time to fit well after the expansion due to acclimatization. Using the test kit, measure the moisture content. When you are satisfied with the values, it is time to install the bamboo flooring to the concrete!


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Fitting Flooring Yourself- Top 5 Tips to fitting your flooring

If you are trend follower, it is most likely that you have already bought the bamboo flooring. The eco-friendly, perfectly sustainable, and chic looking flooring has gained popularity over the past few years. People are going crazy about this gorgeously durable flooring time, and they have all the reasons to be.

Purchased your bamboo flooring? We have exactly what you need.

If you have bought bamboo flooring, you are definitely struggling with its installation. We have gathered these top five tips from the experts that will make installation of bamboo flooring super-easy and simple!

Acclimatizing your Flooring

Acclimatizing your bamboo flooring is an essential process. Without it, your bamboo floor might get affected by moisture, resulting in a shorter lifetime. It is a time-consuming process, but it is very important. Do not skip this step as it will cost you heavily.

Don’t Forget the Subfloor

The already existing flooring you have in your house plays an important role when it comes to bamboo flooring. It is important to prepare your subfloor before beginning the installation process. Checking the subfloor for flatness, and cleanliness are the most significant factor. Not keeping the subfloor in check before installing your bamboo flooring leads to irreparable damage to your new flooring.

Read the Instructions Provided

The bamboo flooring you purchased comes with complete instructions. Think wisely and make use of these instructions to the fullest. These contain every detail that can make the installation of bamboo flooring less stressful and time-consuming.

Choosing the Correct Direction

Did you think that the direction you choose to lay down the bamboo flooring planks in your room will have no effects? The direction you choose contributes to the look and the overall finishing of the room. The correct direction is lengthways, based on the path of light in your room. It makes your small room look spacious and airy.

Expansion Gap is a Necessity

Make sure to leave a gap of 10mm around the perimeter of the room you are installing the bamboo flooring in. Leaving an expansion gap is very important as the bamboo flooring expands or contracts with the change in weather. If the bamboo flooring planks have no expansion gap, they will crack and ruin the look of your room!

Ready to install bamboo flooring in your house but have not purchased it yet? We provide bamboo floorings that 2x harder than the normal bamboo flooring as we add 30% more bamboo in it. Choose the right type of bamboo flooring and give a trendy look to your home! Read the rest of this entry »

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Understanding the Types of Bamboo Flooring


Meta Description: Bamboo Flooring, one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring, is available in different types which can be used for different purposes!

As compared to all other hardwood flooring types, Bamboo Flooring stands out due to its eco-friendliness and sustainability. The popularity of Bamboo flooring, at both residential as well as commercial levels, has skyrocketed over the past few years.

It is 4X harder than the Oak flooring, is perfectly durable, and scratch-free. Another feature that makes it one of the most popular flooring types today is its versatility. Bamboo can be constructed to make a variety of different flooring types, which is why you will find diversified flooring types when you choose Bamboo flooring.

Types of Bamboo Flooring

When talking about the types of Bamboo flooring, you can find this flooring in both solid planks and the engineered form. There are different constructions, profile types, and various colors available in the market, each of these types has their applications!

Construction Types

Horizontal Construction

In horizontal construction type, the bamboo is cut into small and thin strips, that are dried and glued together horizontally. The fitting profile is then added. It is followed by the addition of layers of lacquer to the surface for the protection and finishing the floor. The horizontally constructed Bamboo flooring features a prominent grain pattern.

Vertical Construction

After being cut into small and thin strips. These strips are dried and glued together vertically. The fitting profile is added using a machine, followed by the addition of protective layers of lacquer are added for the surface finish of the floor. Vertical construction forms thin planks with not-so-prominent grain patterns.

Strand Woven

Bamboo is shredded into fibers and strands, which are dried and compressed to stick together under excessive pressure. The grain pattern due to this construction is random, and it is stronger than both vertical and horizontal constructions.

Profile Types

Tongue and Groove

It is the traditional fitting profile of wooden or bamboo flooring. Installation of tongue and groove profiled planks is easy.  The tongues and grooves are glued together and left loose over the underlay.

Click Fitting

The bamboo floor planks of this profile use the uniclic system. By simply clicking and clocking the planks together makes installation simple.

Parquet Block

The Bamboo flooring with Parquet block feature a tongue and groove profile. Instead of planks, it consists of Parquet block which creates delicate geometric patterns.


Besides the construction and flooring, there are different colors that you can choose from. The colors affect the durability, hardness, and various other features of the bamboo flooring. Carbonized Bamboo flooring features a rich warm look. Also, bamboo planks can have other wood grain and coloring images applied to its surface. The natural state is warm blonde makes it easy to match with all types of home decors.

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A Boost to Veganuary

As many of you may already know… It is Veganuary. A time where we commit to one of our many New Years’ resolutions and try something we wouldn’t usually.

Veganuary is an awesome example of committing to something new, as the charity-based movement challenges people to become Vegan for one whole month.

We recently found an article relating to London’s Hilton Hotel and their response to the growing awareness of the meat-free and cruelty-free lifestyle. Their team has collaborated with Bompass & Parr, a London-based studio and The Vegan Society to bring an eco-friendly, plant-based and animal-free suite.

Part of the article, which struck the team the most, was that bamboo flooring had been laid within the suite. This is amazing for the industry and we have high hopes for 2019! Here at Bamboo Family, we provide ‘the world’s hardest and most sustainable floors’ so here’s to 2019.

This amazing suite also includes memory-foam pillows, which have been manufactured from shredded bamboo fibres and recycled cluster polyester. Again, great news for the industry- and we hope this continues to grow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and we hope it was interesting. If you have any queries about Bamboo Family and our products, please contact the team via email- or phone 01772 864206.

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Our First Authorised Retailer

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pristine Floors, a Lancashire based business supplying well-finished floors to the public. This is the first of our authorised retailers supplying Bamboo Family’s premium flooring!! In the pipeline, we have a number of authorsied retailers which we can not wait to tell you about!!


Pristine Flooring offer a full fitting service and have a dedicated, friendly and experienced sales team in order to find the right product for you! Contact Chris at Pristine Floors or visit their shop in Chorley for more information on our Bamboo flooring range!


Pristine Floors

Unit 1, 60a Westhoughton Road,






01257 266 299

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The History of Bamboo

The earliest reports of bamboo being introduced into the flooring industry can be found in the 1990’s. Bamboo is being used in numerous ways such as  Clothing, Scaffolding, Kitchen Accessories, and Furniture. Bamboo has seen a huge increase in demand especially in consumers who are eco-conscious.

For further information regarding our products please contact one of the team on

Bamboo Family.

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It Looks Like Bamboo

To date, bamboo flooring has been available in either a carbonized dark colour or natural light colour – beautiful, but not always suitable for UK mainstream. Bamboo Famuly can now o er a huge range of colours and e ects thanks to our Unique Encased Manufacturing ProcessTM, by complimenting any house whether ultra modern or traditional. You can now have the look of an oak floor with all the benefits and strength of bamboo!

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UK18002 Walnut Print “The Worlds Hardest And Most Sustainable Floors”®

Latest Stock UK18002 Walnut Print

Brand Bamboo Family

Warranty 50 Years Residential

Model Number UK18002

Indoor Air Quality Low VOC No Formalfehyde

Grain Walnut Print

Installation Type

Glue Down, Floating Floor

Specification HDF Engineered Bamboo

Characteristics Drop lock

Length 1220/610mm

Width 130 mm

Thickness 10/2 mm

Milling Clic

Finish 12 Coat Durability Sealing System

Slip Resistance 79 Excellent

Moisture Content 6-9

Application Residential and Commercial

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New Stock Grey Herringbone (Parquet)

New stock on the way a stunning grey herringbone (parquet) floor ref uk1801 part of our “hardest and most sustainable floors in the world®” range made in our own factory. Comes with the usual 50 year residential warranty and Its 4x harder than oak and 10 tines more sustainable with loads of other features, see website for full details #harderthanoak

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Why Bamboo Family Flooring?

Why Bamboo Family Flooring ?

1, Bamboo Family produce the “world’s hardest and most sustainable floors®”

2, Sustainability.

– Protects planet for future generations.

-10 times more sustainable than oak. Bamboo regrows in      3-5 years, does not need replanting. oak takes 50-70 years to grow.

3, Current bamboo flooring colours on market are plain and boring, our range I trendy and stylish.


What is our product USP ?

1, Most sustainable material in the world, it’s a grass.

2, Hardest floors in the world – Unique Encased Manufacturing Process, makes it 4x harder than oak floors.

3, Beautiful colours.

a, Trendy and Stylish painted colours.

b, Traditional and Classic solid bamboo colours.

4, Better product performance and value than oak.


Its time to change.

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