It Looks Like Bamboo

To date, bamboo flooring has been available in either a carbonized dark colour or natural light colour – beautiful, but not always suitable for UK mainstream. Bamboo Famuly can now o er a huge range of colours and e ects thanks to our Unique Encased Manufacturing ProcessTM, by complimenting any house whether ultra modern or traditional. You can now have the look of an oak floor with all the benefits and strength of bamboo!

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UK18002 Walnut Print “The Worlds Hardest And Most Sustainable Floors”®

Latest Stock UK18002 Walnut Print

Brand Bamboo Family

Warranty 50 Years Residential

Model Number UK18002

Indoor Air Quality Low VOC No Formalfehyde

Grain Walnut Print

Installation Type

Glue Down, Floating Floor

Specification HDF Engineered Bamboo

Characteristics Drop lock

Length 1220/610mm

Width 130 mm

Thickness 10/2 mm

Milling Clic

Finish 12 Coat Durability Sealing System

Slip Resistance 79 Excellent

Moisture Content 6-9

Application Residential and Commercial

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New Stock Grey Herringbone (Parquet)

New stock on the way a stunning grey herringbone (parquet) floor ref uk1801 part of our “hardest and most sustainable floors in the world®” range made in our own factory. Comes with the usual 50 year residential warranty and Its 4x harder than oak and 10 tines more sustainable with loads of other features, see website for full details #harderthanoak

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Why Bamboo Family Flooring?

Why Bamboo Family Flooring ?

1, Bamboo Family produce the “world’s hardest and most sustainable floors®”

2, Sustainability.

– Protects planet for future generations.

-10 times more sustainable than oak. Bamboo regrows in      3-5 years, does not need replanting. oak takes 50-70 years to grow.

3, Current bamboo flooring colours on market are plain and boring, our range I trendy and stylish.


What is our product USP ?

1, Most sustainable material in the world, it’s a grass.

2, Hardest floors in the world – Unique Encased Manufacturing Process, makes it 4x harder than oak floors.

3, Beautiful colours.

a, Trendy and Stylish painted colours.

b, Traditional and Classic solid bamboo colours.

4, Better product performance and value than oak.


Its time to change.

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At Bamboo Family we are concerned about the environment and all our floors are manufactured with this in mind. Everything we do we consider the effects on the environment.
All our bamboo is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified which means it is all grown to meet the needs of the current and future generations. It is our responsibility to ensure our bamboo is sourced to protect current and future generations.
We are very proud that our floors are the most sustainable in the world and with our beautiful designs they will enhance your home.
You can trust it has been ethically sourced.

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Benefits of Bamboo

Benefits of Bamboo Technically a grass, bamboo has been used in decorations and a number of other assortments, but has only recently been used on a large scale for floors. Perhaps as a result of the sustainable movement, the material has become increasingly popular. However, even though it a sustainable resource, it is also a cost effective one. Although laminates are cheaper for flooring, most traditional hard wood flooring costs more money than bamboo does. The benefits of bamboo are many folds. First of all, it is a natural anti-bacterial that will help buildings where there are children or people who cannot be in contact with bacteria for fear of sickness. Another great feature of bamboo is that it is water resistant, which makes it a better choice than many other hardwood floors that can stain or deteriorate when any kind of moisture gets in contact. It is also an extremely durable piece of material that is easy to move, yet still hard enough to provide you with great flooring. For those who like doing DIY projects, there are a number of options with click and tongue and groove that allow for easy installation. Nonetheless, if you want the best fit and installation you might want to hire a professional to do it for you.

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Trendy and Stylish Colours at Cheaper Prices than Oak Floors!

Our unique encased® manufacturing system means our floors are 4x harder than oak and 10x more sustainable. We have a cracking range of trendy and stylish colours as well. For many years oak was seen as the best flooring but not now its time to change to a new modern flooring “the worlds hardest and most sustainable floors®” have arrived and all at better prices than oak!

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Encased® Bamboo Flooring V Oak Flooring

Bamboo Family® “unique Encased® manufacturing process” produces our bamboo flooring which is 4x harder than oak. Our floors come with a 50 year residential warranty (the longest in the UK) and is way more sustainable than oak (10 times). Its simple the wold has to become more sustainable to ensure our kids and grandkids have a future. Time is running out and we need to act now and change our buying habits.

#sustainable #bambooflooring #harderthanoak

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