Fitting Flooring Yourself- Top 5 Tips to fitting your flooring

If you are trend follower, it is most likely that you have already bought the bamboo flooring. The eco-friendly, perfectly sustainable, and chic looking flooring has gained popularity over the past few years. People are going crazy about this gorgeously durable flooring time, and they have all the reasons to be.

Purchased your bamboo flooring? We have exactly what you need.

If you have bought bamboo flooring, you are definitely struggling with its installation. We have gathered these top five tips from the experts that will make installation of bamboo flooring super-easy and simple!

Acclimatizing your Flooring

Acclimatizing your bamboo flooring is an essential process. Without it, your bamboo floor might get affected by moisture, resulting in a shorter lifetime. It is a time-consuming process, but it is very important. Do not skip this step as it will cost you heavily.

Don’t Forget the Subfloor

The already existing flooring you have in your house plays an important role when it comes to bamboo flooring. It is important to prepare your subfloor before beginning the installation process. Checking the subfloor for flatness, and cleanliness are the most significant factor. Not keeping the subfloor in check before installing your bamboo flooring leads to irreparable damage to your new flooring.

Read the Instructions Provided

The bamboo flooring you purchased comes with complete instructions. Think wisely and make use of these instructions to the fullest. These contain every detail that can make the installation of bamboo flooring less stressful and time-consuming.

Choosing the Correct Direction

Did you think that the direction you choose to lay down the bamboo flooring planks in your room will have no effects? The direction you choose contributes to the look and the overall finishing of the room. The correct direction is lengthways, based on the path of light in your room. It makes your small room look spacious and airy.

Expansion Gap is a Necessity

Make sure to leave a gap of 10mm around the perimeter of the room you are installing the bamboo flooring in. Leaving an expansion gap is very important as the bamboo flooring expands or contracts with the change in weather. If the bamboo flooring planks have no expansion gap, they will crack and ruin the look of your room!

Ready to install bamboo flooring in your house but have not purchased it yet? We provide bamboo floorings that 2x harder than the normal bamboo flooring as we add 30% more bamboo in it. Choose the right type of bamboo flooring and give a trendy look to your home!

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