Why Bamboo Family Flooring?

Why Bamboo Family Flooring ?

1, Bamboo Family produce the “world’s hardest and most sustainable floors®”

2, Sustainability.

– Protects planet for future generations.

-10 times more sustainable than oak. Bamboo regrows in      3-5 years, does not need replanting. oak takes 50-70 years to grow.

3, Current bamboo flooring colours on market are plain and boring, our range I trendy and stylish.


What is our product USP ?

1, Most sustainable material in the world, it’s a grass.

2, Hardest floors in the world – Unique Encased Manufacturing Process, makes it 4x harder than oak floors.

3, Beautiful colours.

a, Trendy and Stylish painted colours.

b, Traditional and Classic solid bamboo colours.

4, Better product performance and value than oak.


Its time to change.

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