A Boost to Veganuary

As many of you may already know… It is Veganuary. A time where we commit to one of our many New Years’ resolutions and try something we wouldn’t usually.

Veganuary is an awesome example of committing to something new, as the charity-based movement challenges people to become Vegan for one whole month.

We recently found an article relating to London’s Hilton Hotel and their response to the growing awareness of the meat-free and cruelty-free lifestyle. Their team has collaborated with Bompass & Parr, a London-based studio and The Vegan Society to bring an eco-friendly, plant-based and animal-free suite.

Part of the article, which struck the team the most, was that bamboo flooring had been laid within the suite. This is amazing for the industry and we have high hopes for 2019! Here at Bamboo Family, we provide ‘the world’s hardest and most sustainable floors’ so here’s to 2019.

This amazing suite also includes memory-foam pillows, which have been manufactured from shredded bamboo fibres and recycled cluster polyester. Again, great news for the industry- and we hope this continues to grow.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and we hope it was interesting. If you have any queries about Bamboo Family and our products, please contact the team via email- sales@bamboofamily.co.uk or phone 01772 864206.

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